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Assemblys / Sections 

Assembly Screen Shot



An Assembly is a list of all materials and labor needed to complete a specific job.  By using Assemblys you can cut down on the repetitive completion of estimates while making sure you are not missing something.  Once an Assembly is added to an estimate quantities, materials cost, labor rates, etc. can be changed as needed.

Assemblys created using Simply Estimating on your PC can be converted & Imported  for use with Estimating Simplified. 

A Section is similar to an Assembly. Sections are Assemblys that are specific to a particular job. Where as an Assembly is something that you would use for many jobs, a Section is an Assembly that will be used for one estimate only.  

With Sections you can compartmentalize your estimate & if the customer does not want certain items done you can easily remove that Section of the job.


Importing Assemblys

You must convert Assemblys created on your PC using Estimating/Invoicing/Payroll program or Simply Estimating.  From your PC - Goto >Estimating>Import/Export>Export Assemblys.  Transfer the resulting AI.xml file to the SD card on your Android Phone.

Once you have transferred the AI..xml run Estimating Simplified and select Options  then Select Import Assemblys

The Assemblys will be Imported into a sql-DataBase and saved to your device, allowing an Assembly to be included with your Estimate if needed.





Adding an Assembly


From the Materials Summary Screen, tapping on the Options Button brings up a Menu that alows you to add an Assembly to your estimate.

A list with Assemblys that have previously been Imported will be displayed.  Tapping on an Assembly in the list will show the description of the Assembly & any notes that have been recorded.

Tap on the Open button to include the Assembly in your current estimate.


                                          Add Assembly Screen Shot


Adding a Section


Pressing the Add Section Button from the Options menu will bring up the following screen, which will allow you to add a Section to your Estimate.

The Section Name will become the Description field when the Section is added to the Estimate.

If desired enter a fuller explation of the Section under description.  This field is only used when a Section Report is generated from the PC version.  After pressing OK, the Section Material Summary screen will appear, where you will be able to add the items needed to perform this section of work.




Working with Assemblys & Sections

Assembly & Section Summary's  are navigated the same as the Material Summary.  See Materials Summary for more info.

New items can be added by tapping the Material Selection button.

Material Costs, Labor Rates & Tax Rates for each item can be changed.

Selecting Options opens a menu that allows you to Edit Quantities & Change Labor & Tax Rates.

Tap on a row to edit Description, Material & Labor Costs, & Tax Rates.

By Selecting the Return To Estimate button, your Assembly/Section will be saved to the Material Summary. Labor Costs will be converted to the Labor Rate of the main estimate if necessary. (If Assembly/Section is using Periods/Time while the main Estimate is using Hrly Rate, the Assembly's Labor will be converted to an Hourly Rate when it is added to the Material Summary, and visa-versa.)

Once an Assembly/Section has been added to your Estimate it may be edited by tapping on the Assembly/Section Row and selecting Edit Assembly or tapping the description field.

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