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PDA-Estimating Version 2.0

& Mobile Estimating

 Customer Info 


This is where you enter the customer's name & address. If you have converted your Customer Database and transferred it to your Pocket PC then you will be prompted to load it when the program is started. If you chose not to load it initially then there will be a button towards the bottom of the screen that will let you load the database into memory. If your Customer Database has been loaded to memory then you will be able to simply begin typing in your customer's name and an auto-text-search will display names that match your typing. Hitting the return/enter key while your customer's name is displayed will automatically fill in the remainder of the fields with the address, city, state & phone numbers. If you are entering a new customer then just continue typing the new name & address. When the estimate is converted for use with SOS - Estimating/Invoicing/Payroll the customer will be added to your database.

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