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  Materials Selection

PDA DataSource Screen Shot

PDA-Estimating uses the same DataSource as SOS -Estimating/Invoicing/Payroll. You must first convert the DataSource for use with PDA-Estimating using the PDA-Utilities  program that was installed on your desktop computer. Once the DataSource is converted and transferred to your pocket PC you are ready to begin selecting materials.

There are a few differences between the desktop version & the PDA version.

Materials are still selected basically the same way. Tap on an item and it will be highlighted, double tap to select items to be included in your estimate. Material prices, and Labor-Rates, are shown on the status bar located at the bottom of the screen above the Menu Bar. The border on this screen is color coded to help you determine whether the prices shown are cost or resale. To switch between Cost & Resale - select File from the Menu Bar, then select Prices, then select Show Cost or Show Resale. A green border means the prices shown are resale prices. If your materials DataSource is set up with mark-ups for your materials, and you have selected Show Resale then the price shown in the Status Bar will be the cost of the item plus the mark-up. If you have chosen Show Cost, then the border color will be red and the prices shown in the Status Bar will be the cost of the item. This will aide you when spot-checking prices in the field.

When materials have been added to your estimate the resale price will be used regardless of the setting of Prices to Show Cost or Show Resale. The Show Cost & Show Resale setting only affect the displayed prices shown on the Status Bar while selecting materials, not the price that is included in the estimate - the price included in the estimate is always the Resale price, unless of course you have not included mark-ups on any of your materials, in which case the price of the item is left unchanged.

When an item is selected to be added to an estimate, double-tapping the item, the border will change to blue momentarily to let you know that it was selected and added to the Materials Summary screen.

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