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Simplified Office Software 

Estimating Simplified   V 2.0  

 for Android


Materials Selection

Estimating Simplified uses the same DataSource as SOS -Estimating/Invoicing/Payroll. You must first convert the DataSource for use with Estimating Simplified using the Import/Export utilities that are included with SOS -Estimating/Invoicing/Payroll or Simply Estimating. Once the DataSource is converted you are ready to begin selecting materials. See GettingStarted.aspx for more info.

There are a few differences between the desktop version & the Android version.

Materials are still selected basically the same way. Tap on an item and the Material prices, and Labor-Rates, are shown in a status bar located near the bottom of the screen, if your device has a width of 800dp or greater in Landscape Mode you will see an expanded layout will Material, Labor, Tax, & Markups, as well as the resale price of the Item. Long tap to select items from the list to be included in your estimate.  When materials have been added to your estimate the resale price will be used.

DataSource Screen Shot                       DataSource Screen Shot


The materials in your DataBase are able to be edited, new materials can be added or existing items can be deleted by using the DataBase Maintenance Utility.

See Database Maintenance for more info. 

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