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 PDA-Estimating V2.0

The PDA Estimating program has been rewritten using Visual Studio 2005.  The previous versions were written using Visual Studio 6, which supported the Pocket PC 2002 as well as Pocket PC 2003 and later models.  This version has not been tested on a Pocket PC 2002 device and presumably will not work on these older models. To download the latest previous version of PDA-Estimating (Version 1.6) click  here . (Previous versions required the installation of PDA-Utilities  on your desktop/notebook PC.)

The PDA Utilities are now included in the SOS - Estimating / Invoicing / Payroll program and is no longer a stand alone program. After an estimate created on the Pocket PC has been converted the estimate is opened automatically for you on your PC so that you may edit the estimate, print Proposals, or create a Time & Materials Billing Invoice.

Scroll Bars were added to the Job Name & Address, Job Description & Job Status textboxes & the text area now resizes when the keyboard is activated.

Version 2.01

8/17/2007 - An error that was preventing assembly details from being loaded from a saved estimate was corrected.

Version 2.01a

1/17/2008 - Revised  the PDA-Utilities to include all Assemblys & Sections included in an estimate, when transfering estimates between the PC & PocketPC.   Prevous versions only allowed (1) assembly to be transfered to the PocketPC.

Version 2.01b

1/28/2008 - Now able to add Sections to an estimate. Also corrected the updating of Assembly's & Section's when labor rates in the main estimate are changed.

Version 2.01c

2/1/2008 - Corrected an error which caused selected material to be added to wrong datagrid.

Version 2.01d

11/18/2008 - Corrected an error which caused  material to be added without Labor Rate info.

Version 2.01e

1/29/2009 - Revised the Customer Info form to improve Data Entry and corrected an error which allowed fields to be longer than allowed & created problems when converting estimates from the PocketPC to a PC.

Version 2.01f

2/19/2009 - Fixed an error in Assemblys & Sections where changing the labor rate for Periods Of Time was not being saved correctly.

Version 2.01g

5/28/2009 - Code was revised to allow the new DataSource design to be incorrporated.


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