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Revision History- Estimating/Invoicing/Payroll 


Rewritten using the DataGridViewControl instead of the now depreciated MSHFlexGrid.
Added the ability to drag & drop rows to rearrange items in the DataGridView for both Estimating & Invoicing Forms.
Sections that have been added to an Estimate can now be saved as an Assembly, which then can be used with other estimates.
Revised the Invoice Database to include an additional layer of organization & provide added information.
Various Enhancements & bug fixes.

V3.07b2x -V3.08x
4/24/2012 - 10/11/15

Various Enhancements & bug fixes.


Revised Payroll routines & Payroll reports.


Revised Import routine to correct a problem that was preventing certain estimates from being saved when Imported to the Simply Estimating or Estimating /Invoicing/Payroll programs.


Rebuilt the application with Visual Studio 2008. This allows for setting the program to request Administrative Privileges each time the application is run.

Simplified Office Software uses databases to store information & needs to perform disk read/write operations. Depending where you installed the program the operating system determines whether or not you need Administrative Privileges to perform the disk read/write access to the databases.  

Without Administrative Privileges the database access can be denied and cause an unstable environment.  By recompiling the application with Visual Studio 2008 that step can be & has been enabled to insure that database operations can be performed.

Also stopped including the  Microsoft .NET Framework v2.0 with the installation package, since it has been include in the WindowsOS since at least Vista, & this results in a much smaller installer.

V3.06 o

Revised Transfer Estimate to Invoices routine

V3.06 m

Revised Import Estimate routine

V3.06 l

Added navigation between New Estimates & Existing estimates.

V3.06 k

Fixed an error in the Assembly routines which wasn't allowing the seletion of new materials.

V3.06 j

Revised Payroll module to include new FICA rates for employers & employees.

V3.06 i

Revised numeric input to recognize a Decimal Separator rather than a Decimal Poimt, which was causing problems with regional setting that use the comma character as the Decimal Separator.

V3.06 h

Coding updates.

V3.06 g

Tweaks to Materials Selection/Revision forms.

V3.06 f

Added customizations for Canda.

V3.06 d

Revised the DataSource to include an additional layer of organization & provide added information.

V3.06 c

Fixed an error in Date-Paid field on the Invoicing Form.

V3.06 b

Expanded Reports. Bug fixes.


Added regional reports for UK & ZA.

V3.05 n

Updated Service Calculations.  Corrected problem in OverDue Billing report that printed phone number instead of zip code in address.

V3.05 M

Corrected an error in the 'City' field of the 'Invoice Customers Form' which caused the first city matching keypress to be selected as default.

V3.05 L

Various updates & enhancements to Invoicing forms & reports. Updates to Payroll tables & reports.

V3.05 k

Enhancements & fixes.

V3.05 i

Revised the scrolling function used in datagrids for cosmetic purposes only.

V3.05 h

Fixed an error in the Copy Invoice routine which copied the wrong Total in some cases.

V3.05 g

Fixed an error which occurred while viewing recent Invoices & then editing Customer information.

V3.05 f

Revised the code for converting Estimates from the PocketPC to the PC, which contained an error that was causing the Assembly/Section Reports to display Totals incorrectly.  Also revised the Assembly/Section Reports for better clarity.

V3.05 e

Existing Customer information that is revised/updated when creating an estimate on a Pocket PC now updates the Customer tables when the estimate is converted to the PC.

V3.05 d

Added scroll bars to Job Name/Location, Job Description text boxes.
Added printing option to Job Status functions. 

V3.05 c

Fixed an error in estimates with assemblys/sections that caused main forms to disappear when deleting/inserting rows.

V3.05 b

Corrected an error that was causing estimates converted from the PocketPC to not add the taxes from an assembly/section.

V3.05 b

Minor tweaks to Customer Forms.

Added PDA Utilities menu items to Estimate View/Edit Form.

Revised & updated the Documentation.

V3.05 b

Fixed an error that caused sections in an estimate converted from a Pocket PC to display incorrectly.

V3.05 a

An assembly was missing from the setup files which caused an error when viewing archived payroll records.


The routines and reports that printed Invoices have been completely revised. Previous versions used Crystal Reports for the printing of Invoices. It has been found that Crystal Reports does not install correctly on all computers. The new forms and printing routines now show a preview of the Invoices which you can then print.  Crystal Reports are not being used any longer.

The vertical Scroll Bar used to navigate through the records when viewing Most Recent Invoices was found to not work when there were less than 100 records and that has been corrected in this version.

Fixed an error in the shareware code that was preventing estimates from being created.

V3.04 e

An asesmbly was missing from the setup files which caused an error when printing reports.

V3.04 d

Corrected errors in DataSource Conversion Routines, specifically converting data from an excel worksheet.

V3.04 c

Revised PDA-Utilities to correct an error in the conversion of estimates.

V3.04 b

Revised  the PDA-Utilities to include all Assemblys & Sections included in an estimate, when transferring estimates between the PC & PocketPC.   Previous versions only allowed (1) assembly to be transferred to the PocketPC.

V3.04 a

Cosmetic changes to payroll reports.


Cosmetic changes to various forms & reports.


Cosmetic changes to various forms & reports.


Added Delete Invoice & Delete Estimate to the Invoicing & Estimating forms.
Fixed Copy Estimate so that Assemblys & Sections associated with the estimate are also copied.


Added the ability to install to any drive/directory you want.


Fixed an error that caused Over-Due Invoices to print an empty Invoice. 
Added Copy Invoices to View/Edit Invoices by Customer, previous version only had the copy routine added to Recent Invoices form.


Fixed an error in the Create Database form that prevented the form from loading. 
Added the ability to copy Invoices & Estimates.


Fixed an error in the Voltage Drop Calculator that was displaying incorrect voltages. 


Fixed a bug that was preventing the form for Recent Invoices to load. 


Maintinance release with minor bug fixes in the various forms. 


Word-wrap was added to the Invoicing Forms.  If the work description is longer than 52 characters the text will be automatically wrap to the next field.  Also job descriptions entered into an estimate are automatically formatted to fit the Invoice's line length when transferred to the Time & Materials Billing form.


Minor tweaks to Customer Invoices Form.


The code was revised to highlight unpriced materials in the takeoff forms. 
Revised Update Pricing routine so it would work with unpriced materials.


The program has been rewritten using Visual Studio 2005, which is based on the NetFramework 2.0. 

PDA-Utilities  has been included under the Estimating Menu  in the main program. 


Revised Customer Menu Items to clear up confusion between Invoice & Estimate Customers


Revised calculation in Payroll Module that was incorrectly calculating overtime pay.


Revised Time & Material billing form. 


Corrected spelling mistakes throughout the program. 


Corrected problem with pricing not being updated correctly when returning from a Section. 


Added Multi-Line Job Name/Address support for Time & Material Billing.
Added Invoicing Forms for Australian use.
Added Job Status utilities.
Cleaned up code in Customer Forms.
Rewrote code that prevented program from running on screen resolutions greater than 1024 X 768.
Revised code that calculated Taxes on Materials & Labor.  


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