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Simplified Office Software 

Estimating Simplified   V 2.0  

 for Android

Summary Info 

Summary Info Screen Shot



From this screen you can view the results of your estimate, or navigate to the other related screens. By tapping on the Customer Name Field you will be brought to the Customer Info Screen where you can enter the customer's name and address. Job Info & Job Description information can be directly entered into the Job Info or Job Description fields. Upon return from the Material Summary form, Material, Labor & Tax totals are automatically calculated and updated to this screen.

Summary Info Screen Shot


Tapping on the Options Button brings up a Menu that allows you to clear existing data and start a New Estimate or  Load an Existing Estimate.

Import/Export options include Importing an Estimate, Exporting an Estimate, Importing a Materials Database, Importing Customer Data, & Importing Assemblys.

If your device has a width of 800dp or greater in Landscape Mode, then you will be able to Edit your Materials Database by adding/deleting items, changing pricing, etc. See Database Maintenance for more info.

You can also delete incomplete or no longer needed estimates that are in your database.

Find the latest version info by tapping the About Button.

Tapping help will bring you to and the Android Estimating Web Pages for detailed help.



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