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Time & Material Billing

Once an estimate has been created it can be transferred to Invoicing by selecting T&M Billing then selecting Transfer Estimate To Invoicing. The first 52 characters from the estimate's Job Name/Location are used as the first line of the Invoice Details followed by a blank line & then the Job Description (& Additional Job Description, if used). . The TOTAL, Total Material & Total Labor fields are also transferred to the invoice. The automatically generated JobID number is used as the Invoice Number on the invoice form. You start in the Invoice Number field and can change/modify the Invoice Number as desired. When you press Enter, the invoice is saved and you can choose to Print the invoice & Exit, Edit the Invoice, or Exit without printing the invoice at this time. (You may choose to wait until all invoices have been created & then Print all the invoices by selecting >Invoicing >Reports >Print Invoices.), or edit/enter information in the details section of the invoice.


Transfer estimate screen image


T&M Billing screen image


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