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Are you tired of using paper and pencil to create a list of materials for an estimate, then pricing each item, then calculating totals, then typing the proposals. You then submit the proposal to the customer only to have them call back in three months requesting the job to be done. Now you have to update pricing, recalculate totals and retype the proposal. 

With Simplified Office Software you can select materials from a database of supplies & enter quantities for each item. Totals are automatically calculated & proposals are printed with information already contained in your estimate. If the customer calls back  in three months, you reload the estimate - click on update pricing & reprint the proposal, saving you time to do `whatever`.

Once you win the job, billing for the work is as easy as clicking  Transfer Estimate To Invoicing & an Invoice is automatically created from the same data already contained in your estimate. Easily track outstanding Invoices and customers' payment history.

Although this program was created by an electrician and the sample DataSources have electrical supplies, there is no reason it can not be used by other construction trades by simply creating a new DataSource or by converting your existing database of materials.

Simplified Office Software is distributed as shareware. The software is fully functional so you may try before you buy. If after you have used the software you fell it does not meet your needs then simply uninstall it and move on.  Your Estimating, Invoicing, & Payroll tasks have never been easier or more reliable than they can be now, so download  *SOS - Estimating/Invoicing/Payroll risk free today.

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