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PDA-Estimating Version 2.0


 File Menu

PDA screen shot

New Estimate:  Select this to reset all screens and get ready to create a new estimate.

Select DataSource:  By selecting this you will be asked to load a new DataSource.

Add Assembly:  To add an Assembly to your estimate select this option.

Prices:  This will allow you to set whether you want to display Cost Or Resale prices when you are viewing materials. (Materials Selection Screen)

Save/Load Estimate:  Used to save an estimate after you have completed it. The resulting estimate then can then be converted & added to your estimate database for further use with SOS-Estimating/Invoicing/Payroll. You can also load previously saved estimates and edit/view them.

Registration:  Use this to register PDA-Estimating

Labor Rates:  This will allow you to set Labor Rates in both the Main Estimate & if included, an Assembly

Taxes:  Here you can define whether you charge taxes on Labor, Labor & Materials, or No Taxes.

Exit:  Selecting this will Exit the program.

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