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New Invoices


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Austrialian Users

Begin by entering a customer Name. Simply begin typing in your customer's name and an auto-text-search will display names that match your typing. 

(The Return/Enter key is used to select data & to end data entry in all fields of all forms.)

After you have selected/entered a Customer's Name the Customer's Address is automatically displayed to the right.  This allows you to determine if the billing address is correct and to correct it if necessary

Enter an Invoice Number.  The Invoice Number can be numeric or alphabetic or a combination of both.  All letters are converted to uppercase characters.  The programming then automatically checks the Number field for duplicate entries and does not allow them.

New Invoice Image


Today's Date is automatically added to the Date field, but can be edited if needed.


Enter the Total, whether or not the Invoice is paid, date of payment, and whether Invoice needs to be printed or not (Printed = n/a - does not need printing,  Printed = no - needs to be printed).


Finally enter the details for the Invoice & the prices.


You can either continue entering Invoices or close the form and return to the Main Screen.


From the Main Screen you can print Invoices that need printing (PRINTED = no) by selecting Invoices > Reports and choosing Print Invoices.  Invoices with a 'no' in the Printed field are found, printed & the Printed field is changed to 'Yes'

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