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PDA Assemblys Screen Shot

An Assembly is a list of all materials and labor needed to complete a specific job. By using Assemblys you can cut down on the repetitive completion of estimates while making sure you are not missing something. Once an Assembly is added it may be edited as needed.

If you have converted your Assemblys for use with your Pocket PC then you can add an Assembly to the estimate by selecting File & then selecting - Add Assembly from the Main Menu.

Once  an Assembly is added it can be edited for quantities, prices, etc. Totals for Materials, Labor, & if used, Taxes, are automatically calculated and displayed on the bottom of the form.

The arrow key at the bottom of the screen is for navigation back to the Materials Summary screen. You could also select Materials from the Main Menu located on the bottom of the screen to navigate to the Materials Summary screen.

Once you have finished editing the Assembly, and you navigate to the Materials Summary, the Assembly is totaled and transferred to your main estimate. If your Assembly is using labor units and your Main Estimate is using hourly rates, or visa versa, conversion are made when necessary.

To view/edit an Assembly from the Materials Summary Screen just click on the description of the Assembly, and the Assembly will be loaded and displayed

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