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PDA-Estimating V1.6 & PDA-Utilities V 1.5


PDA-Utilities requires the installation of the .NET Framework 1.1.

You may download the full installtion which checks for the .Net Framework and installs it on your computer as part of the PDA-Estimating installation, or you may download a much smaller Installer that does not contain the .NET Framework Redistributable.

You can check to see if the .NET Framework is installed on this computer by clicking on the button below.

You can alternately download the .NET Framework Redistributable  (23.1 MB) directly from

If you will be installing PDA-Utilities on this computer & the .NET Framework is already installed


If you are downloading the .NET Framework directly from then download

PDA_setup without .Net Framework (1.81 MB)

If you are going to install the application on a computer that does not have the .NET Framework 1.1 installed 


 If you are not sure that the computer you will be installing to has the .NET Framework then download

 PDA_setup.exe (23.5MB). 

 This installation file contains the .Net Framework Redistributable and checks for the .NET Framework when PDA-Utilities is installed on your desktop computer. 

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