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PDA-Estimating  V2.01  

& Mobile Estimating

PDA Estimating
& Mobile Estimating

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System Requirements 

Create quick, accurate estimates on your Pocket PC or Mobile Phone.

These are companion programs to Simplified Office Software's - Estimating/Invoicing/Payroll or Simply Estimating.

Estimates created on your PocketPC or Mobile Phone can be imported into the Estimating program on your PC & likewise estimates created on your PC can be exported to your Mobile Devices, allowing you to check conditions in the field & make appropriate modifications.

The Shareware version of SOS PDA Estimating & Mobile Estimating is fully functional so that you may evaluate it and see if it will suit your needs. After a short while the program will terminate. You may restart the program but you will have to reload Pricing DataSources & Customer Data.



SOS - PDA-Estimating screen image 

Version 2.1 

Mobile Estimating

Mobile Estimating  -  Create quick & accurate construction estimates on your Windows Mobile Phone

 Current Version is 1.0




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