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Simply Estimating 

Simplified Office Software - Simply Estimating has been written to be both user friendly & intuitive.  If you have used any Windows-based software the principles will be the same. Unlike many other programs, all information that is entered into an estimate is saved when the Return/Enter key is pressed (The Return/Enter key is used to select data & to end data entry in all fields of all forms.), whenever new data is entered - or existing data is changed, the information is automatically stored in a database.


SOS - Simply Estimating screen image  

Simply Estimating has been designed to produce an accurate & consistent estimate. With its user customized DataSource this application will enable the user to create quick, accurate & consistent estimates for any construction trade.

Although  the sample DataSources (& the examples that are used) have electrical supplies, there is no reason it can not be used by other construction trades by simply creating a new DataSource or by converting your existing database of   materials with the DataSouce Utilities included in the program.

The Import/Export routines enable a user to transfer estimates to/from a Windows Mobile Device (PocketPC) or Android Device (phone/tablet) allowing the user to take their estimates with them into the field for preliminary information, or to check conditions to finalize an estimate.

Updating material/labor prices for an estimate is a must for any construction estimating software, especially in todays market place.  With this in mind the software has been designed to allow the user to easily update material/ labor pricing in their DataSources & then update the price of an estimate.  The ability to update an estimates prices from different DataSources also allows the user more flexibility in their final analyst of the estimate.

The user can build a collection of Assemblys to simplify the estimating process.  With similar types of jobs, such as Replacing a Main Service Panel, an Assembly can be created that includes all the common parts needed for that type of installation.  Then any time the user needs to estimate replacing a service panel they can include that Assembly in the estimate and then modify it to the particular circumstances related to that job.  This not only helps to save time for the user, but helps to ensure that a common item that is normally used, such as a Surge Arrestor, is not forgotten.  An Assembly can be thought of as a Template for certain types of installations.  By creating a collection of Assemblys the user can deliver quick, accurate estimates with certainty & assurance.   Once an Assembly has been included in an estimate the user can revise any part of the included-Assembly without changing the original Assembly. Prices for Assemblys and for Assemblys- included in an estimate can be updated with the users latest DataSouce to insure that the current prices are used.

Sections can be included in an estimate, and are created & act much the same way as Assemblys.  A Section would be included to help break down the job into smaller estimates. For example let's say the user needs to replace the service panel, install wiring for a sub-panel, install landscape wiring, wire an addition, etc., then the estimate could contain multiple Sections & Assemblys.   This also allows the user to easily adjust the estimate if the customer changes the scope of the addition, or decides not to have part of the job done.

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