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Rewritten using the DataGridViewControl instead of the now depreciated MSHFlexGrid.

Added the ability to drag & drop rows to rearrange items in the DataGridView for both Estimating & Invoicing Forms.

Sections that have been added to an Estimate can now be saved as an Assembly, which then can be used with other estimates.

Revised the Invoice Database to include an additional layer of organization & provide added information.

Various Enhancements & bug fixes.

V3.07b2x -V3.08x

Various Enhancements & bug fixes.

 Version 3.07

The application has been rebuilt using Visual Studio 2008. This allows for setting the program to request Administrative Privileges each time the application is run.

Simplified Office Software uses databases to store information & needs to perform disk read/write operations. Depending where you installed the program the operating system determines whether or not you need Administrative Privileges to perform the disk read/write access to the databases.  

Without Administrative Privileges the database access can be denied and cause an unstable environment.  By recompiling the application with Visual Studio 2008 that step can be & has been enabled to insure that database operations can be performed.

Also stopped including the  Microsoft .NET Framework v2.0 with the installation package, since it has been include in the WindowsOS since at least Vista, & this results in a much smaller installer.


 Version 3.0

The Estimating / Invoicing / Payroll program has been rewritten using Visual Studio 2005, which is based on the NetFramework 2.0.  This version requires the installation of the MicroSoft NetFramwork 2.0 & also requires the installation of the Microsoft Report Viewer redistributables to operate properly. The previous versions were written using Visual Studio 6.  This version has not been tested on Windows 98 or Windows 2000. If you experience any problems on these older OS you may download the latest previous version of Simplified Office Software  - Estimating / Invoicing / Payroll (Version 2.3.1) by clicking   here .

The biggest change is the inclusion of PDA--Utilities into the main program, which in earlier  versions was a stand alone program that acted as an interface between the Estimating module on a desktop/notebook PC and the estimating program on a Pocket PC.  This was done to simplify the use of these utilities; no longer do you have to deal with two programs to manage your Pocket PC estimates.  Now transferring estimates from your Pocket PC to your desktop/notebook PC doesn't require you to load & run separate programs,  just a few clicks and the Pocket PC estimate is converted, added to your estimating database, and opened so you can view/edit the estimate,  print Proposals, or create a Time & Materials billing Invoice. Converting an existing estimate & transferring it to your Pocket PC is just as easy.  

Payroll reports have been expanded  & redesigned to provide detailed & accurate information needed to fill out the various IRS forms that are required to be filed.

You can view the complete revision history and what has been updated/added  here .

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